Lola Clark

Instagram: @llolaclark | TikTok: @scoobiezoobie | TikTok: @lolacacoona

#lipsyncs #dance #fashion #streetwear #collector #art
Lola Clark is a 16 year old, student and model based in London who has taken the social media world by storm with her scoobiezoobie TikTok channel. Her video showcasing her "new brace-less smile" went viral in September 2020, earning 9.5M likes and 75.7M views!

This video prompted the Ya Digg Smile trend on TikTok with creators such as Addison Rae and Noah Beck taking part. Since then, her lip syncs and videos showcasing her enviable style have boosted her TikTok to amass an impressive total of 4.7M followers earning her a place in the top 50 TikTok creators in the UK. Not only does Lola have an extraordinary TikTok following but she also has gained over 500K on her Instagram, a platform she only started using regularly at the end of 2020.

Lola‘s biggest passion is for music, in particular old school hip-hop but then loves anything from Frank Sinatra to Led Zeppelin. Lola has an incredible sense of style and adores fashion in particular Street wear and has become quite the collector of iconic pieces. As well as fashion being deep rooted in her family history Lola is planning to start her own brand of street wear. Lola is absolutely mad for hats and again has become a collector. Lola loves to draw and has had her art replicated on a pair of bespoke trainers. Lola achieved an A* in her GCSEs for art and has chosen to take arts A-level along with business studies which she greatly enjoys and wishes to pursue in her future endeavours in life. Lola loves travelling and experiencing different cultures and food.

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