Byron Langley

Instagram: @byronlangley | YouTube: Byron Langley | Spotify: Byron Langley | TikTok: byronlangleymusic

#music #songwriting
Multi-instrumentalist Byron Langley, born in Durban, South Africa, started playing drums almost before he could walk.

He soon added guitar, bass and keys to his repertoire, allowing him to hone his unique sound – a fusion of singer-songwriter and rock, with electronic beats and breaks. Illustrating delicacy in his poetic storytelling with gruff charm, he creates music with milky melodies and imaginative imagery painted across an indie‐pop/rock canvas that eases like a breeze into the ears.

He started self-releasing tracks in 2018 and is gaining attention for his trademark off the wall promo videos. Check out the incredible lyric video for his recent release ‘All My Friends’ here.

When the fit is right, Byron lends his sense of humour and musical skills to brand collaborations - with incredible results.

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